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SHE waits for the chicken

Pizza is always my top choice. Sunday through Saturday. Morning, noon, or night. But last Friday, I chose Chipotle. Being the creature of habit I am, I came in determined to get a chicken burrito bowl. I waited patiently for my turn, just to hear them share the news, to the girl in front of me, that the chicken wasn’t ready. Already anticipating the bad news, he gave me the same 5 minute wait time and I began to look for a seat in the makeshift waiting room with all the other chicken lovers.

On the way over to my seat, I quickly began reviewing my options:

(a) Hop back in line and order steak and go

(b) Continue waiting for the chicken to cook

After considering all my options I figured 5 minutes wouldn’t be the death of me. So I waited. True to their word, 5 minutes later we all hopped back in line to just find out all of our late orders were going to free because of the wait.

As an additional surprise I also walked out with chips and queso, and a drink all for $free.99! Needless to say I was glad I waited for the chicken.

In the bible, the Lord had to open the mouth of a donkey just to get Balaam’s attention when he was going down the wrong path. Instead of a donkey, I believe the Lord used an everyday chicken burrito bowl to call my attention to the wrong path I was heading down. It wasn’t a physical path, but a mental one. A path paved with disappointment, confusion, and anger because I couldn’t see God’s plan, and I was getting tired of waiting.

Now, when it comes to plans, God does give us the opportunity of free will or the ability to make our own choices. The benefits of walking with Christ is that we can either get the “steak” or the “chicken”.

For me, I had asked God specifically for chicken. But when I was faced with a decision to wait or get the next best thing faster, I had to decide the true value of my wait.

If I had chosen the steak, I would have gotten home earlier, and I would have had a full stomach faster and probably would have been somewhat content. But in the process I would have spent more money for something I really didn’t even want. As Christians, we are often so guilty of asking God for something, but settling for second best out of impatience. What's worse, is the price we pay to settle is rarely worth it.

“As the heavens are higher than the earth,so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

-Isaiah 55:9

God doesn’t work on our time and His promises are never quantified into minutes, hours, or even years. He just says that He will do it. In the beauty of God’s sovereignty and His perfect will, He only ever makes a Plan A, we introduce the Plan B. And in our attempt to poorly execute a Plan B, we can miss out on the opportunity to see God multiply our initial desires into more than we even imagined.

That Friday, I walked out of Chipotle not only with the thing that I had asked for, but with an overflowing of additional blessings in the form of cheese and sugary excellence! When we ask God for things that are aligned with His will for us, He will grant it in perfect timing. In the nature of who He is, He also always gives additional blessings we didn’t even expect. And all of a sudden the wait becomes worth it.

What are you waiting for God to fulfill?

How have you settled for second best out of impatience?

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