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SHE thanks Him for manna

The grass can look your past.

It's funny how the memory works at times. Things that we were so grateful to leave behind or complete, can seem "not so bad" when our current experiences no longer seem to be working out like we had hoped.

So often in my life I am guilty of looking in the past and glamorizing it.

For example, I may sometimes think about the life that I had while living in Texas. While my life in Texas was in fact really good, to hyperfocus on the cost of living that I enjoyed, the lifelong friends that I made, and the comfortability that I grew to love, I would be taking away from being able to spend my time enjoying the provision of manna where I am today.

"We remember the fish we ate in Egypt at no cost—also the cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic. But now we have lost our appetite; we never see anything but this manna!”"

[Numbers 11: 5-6] God has provided me manna in the sense of having the job title that I prayed for. The career experience that I didn’t even know I would need. A community of friends that I live life with. And continued family support from all directions of the country. While the cost of living in the state of California is no joke and not fun to deal with at times, it is in this atmosphere of high prices that I have seen God’s ability to provide for me even more and in ways that I may not have seen in Texas. But like the Israelites, God’s provision for us can be so routine and consistent that we take it for granted. However, if He were a merciless God, which He is not, we would surely notice the minute he stopped providing for us.

The constant provision of air.

The car that routinely starts when we need to go somewhere.

The job that pays the bills every month.

When the Israelites fantasized about their free food of cucumbers and leeks, they neglected to remember that it did come at a cost. Their free food was a mere exchange for their years of life in bondage while in Egypt.

Your current situation may not look the way you envisioned. You may not have everything you wanted, but take inventory of the manna or the things that God has provided that may look small but you would clearly miss if they were gone! Things that you wake up to routinely and may forget to be grateful to have.

Health. Finances. Shelter. Safety.

If you know that you could name way more things than the four listed, thank God for it today. But also continue to push forward, God's provisions are all along the path that He's taking you down.

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