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when SHE finds flat ground

I don't like running...unless it's toward a food truck or a brunch spot. 

Most physical activity, outside of a grueling walk, is pretty much on my no-go list. 

But in the Bay Area one thing that people love to do is hike! So I've learned to ask follow-up questions when I get a "Do you want to hike?" request.

"Where?" "What's the difficulty level?" "How many miles?" 

Even with all those questions, I still somehow managed to find myself going downhill for a mile in the Redwood Regional Park. As me and a couple friends hiked our way to the bottom, I knew gravity worked according to the common saying: "What goes up must come down." So as we trekked further down the hill, I knew that I would eventually have to climb (against gravity) back up. 

When the time came to climb back up to the top, I took a deep breath and started pacing myself. After some time, my friends were noticeably farther ahead then me. They would periodically look back, most likely to see if I wasn't heaved over somewhere, and I would give them a quick shoo-ing movement with my hand and tell them "Keep going! I'm fine." 

I would go for as long as I could, but where I could find some flat land, I'd stop before climbing the next stretch of incline. 

"He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul"

| Psalm 23:2-3 |

Have you ever felt like you've be praying and mediating on something for such a long time, that you're mentally and spiritually exhausted. You've asked God to answer your prayer in so many different ways that you feel like you've running out of things to say. 

It's in those times when I have reached the end of myself and can't seem to find anymore 'chain-breaking' words that I simply have to ask God for  R E S T. 

Just enough time in His green pastures and still waters so I can catch my breath.

In our walk of faith, we don't get to see the end of the road where our answered prayers lay waiting. We are matured by the process of running God's will for our life, out until the end. He knows we don't always like the methods He uses to grow and strength us. But He's always watching us. He's not anxiously checking behind Him to see if we're ok. Instead He's going before us, preparing the way to our blessing.

And I know when I need it, I can call to Him for some flat ground. A place of rest, so I can finish the journey.

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