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SHE needs new jeans

We all have our favorite pair of jeans.

Maybe it's the "favorite" because of the design. Or how it fits your body shape and makes your backside look good. For me, my favorite jeans are my favorite because they are all of the above.

Bought them three years ago, and I love wiggling my way into them. I almost forgot another thing that I love about them...they stretch.

If you're like me and love to eat a good 1-6 slices of pizza while laying slouched over on your couch. You know you need a good stretch in your jeans.

Through different stages of my life in the last couple of years, these jeans have been present through the best of times and the worst of time. It may sound silly that I have a clear emotional attachment to a piece of clothing, but you try throwing away your favorite pair of jeans, and you'll know what I'm talking about!

This emotional connection to these jeans are also the reason why I probably haven't can't let them go, even though it's not as comfortable as it use to be to sit through them all day. I know I should probably upgrade to a bigger size, Marie Kondo them-thank them and release them to Goodwill- but I can't.

And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.

-2 Corinthians 3:18-

In this current stage of my life, my jeans aren't the only thing that are stretching. My comfort zone is increasing. My career opportunities are expanding. My support system is getting larger. Things that I asked God for are coming to pass, and I'm beginning to see that the old Elizabeth in her old jeans don't fit anymore for where God is taking me.

My old habits. My old faith. My old thought processes no longer seem to be working.

This has been a very hard thing to come to terms with because I love old Elizabeth.

Old Elizabeth did the emotional work to overcome a really tough heartbreak and I experienced the strength God equipped me.

Old Elizabeth packed up all her stuff, said good-bye through tear-filled eyes to her close family and friends and moved across the country because I believed that God was going to fulfill a promise He gave me.

Old Elizabeth travelled throughout Europe by myself because I didn't want to be dependent on another person to accomplish things that I love to do.

Honestly Old Elizabeth was and still is pretty amazing-humble brag I promise.

But I know all those experiences, in addition to many other ones I didn't mention were all preparing me for what God has prepared for me. As usual, I couldn't even begin to tell you what my future looks like and what it beholds. All I know is that my old jeans no longer fit.

Not saying I'm going to discard them or my past experiences, it just means I know I need to accept the upgrade for something bigger He has in store for me!

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