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SHE is clean

Saturday mornings without an agenda are the best! I lay around for a couple of hours and then my adult guilt kicks in and I will myself out of bed to do something productive. Wash dishes. Load laundry. Clean floors. Take out the trash. As much as I want to hop in the shower, I know that there’s no point in trying to get clean when all my ‘dirty’ tasks are not complete. So when I’ve finished the last thing on my to-do list that requires my rubber glove...yes I wear those...I’m ready to feel clean! So often we approach our Christian walk in the same way. We want to finish doing our dirt and when we’re all done we attempt to clean ourselves off before we present ourselves to our Father. Before we get "clean", we wallow in our sin and condemn ourselves to unforgiveness, while we also look for the strength to will ourselves out of the bed we made. Ashamed and afraid of the consequences we also allow the enemy to convince us that God is too disgusted to be near us. The truth is God can’t be associated with sin. That’s why those in Old Testament often offered sacrifices and plead their prayers through a human High Priest that could speak to God on their behalf because their sin was too great. "Already you are clean because of the word that I have spoken to you." -John 15:3- But through the blood of Jesus, God always sees us as clean. He looks at us through the sacrificial Lamb, that Jesus became, so that we would no longer be separated from him. Sin is a daily reality on Earth. We will always be dirty, but Jesus is our ever-present clean representative to God Don’t waste anymore time trying to get yourself clean before you come to God. When we recognize Jesus as our Lord, we are granted access to come to God in whatever state we are in because He has already made us clean.

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