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SHE is seen and He knows her name

I considered joining the Usher ministry at church when I lived in Texas. I thought about it and thought about it, until it to was too late to join, because I had already boxed up my apartment and began the process to move to California.

When I decided to join the Ministry Team at my new church in the Bay, I signed up for the Welcome Team which are the first people you meet when you first walk in. Seemed right up my alley. However, there was more of a need on the Auditorium Team which up until that day, was non-existent to me.

After orientation, I realized that the major tasks included assembling the welcome packets to be attached to the chairs, collecting tithe and offering, guessed it...USHERING people to their seats!

Over time, I've helped direct people to their seats week after week. Eventually you begin to remember names and recognize familiar faces. Sometimes people come late and miss the opportunity to mingle with others. Others come week after week, but also seem to be lost in the crowd and still in search for a sense of community. So if I can remember a name or sometimes be able to offer their favorite row or seat, I can do my small part for His Kingdom.

As I waited by the door for the next possible group of people to arrive, it crossed my mind how God does this for us on a second by second basis.

The Lord looks down from heaven; he sees all the children of man

-Psalm 33:13-

Whether you consider yourself outgoing or shy, there comes times in the day when we are by ourselves. No longer coming in and out of the presence of others. No one around to greet us or call us call us by name.

But he knows your name.

After you leave the pews of Church or the cubicles at work, it's easy to feel unseen even when you're going back to a house full of people.

He sees YOU. and ME. all at the same time.

He greets us in the darkest corners of our rooms or minds, and invites us in a crowded room.

In this world that has progressively become so isolated, it's easy to feel like you are a mere number. But God does not forget his handiwork, because He has created each and everyone of us for purpose.

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