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SHE fixes her routine

On Sundays...we meal prep.

Well I do at least.

Even when I'm really tired, I'll at least buy something that requires two ingredients or less to prepare.

During the school year, my schedule is consistent enough to form a routine so that Monday through Friday, I know I can avoid having an excuse to eat out.

But somehow, the minute the last student leaves for summer break, my meal prep routine also hops on the bus, not to be seen until August.

The following week, favorites like Chik-Fil-A or pizza spots I dare not mention by name become my new lunch and dinner options.

What happens when your routine gets rocked?

If I were to be completely honest, the holiday breaks for me don't only rock my food choices, but my spiritual life.

My alarm is no longer ringing, so waking up early for quiet time becomes a little easier to sleep through.

I travel a lot more frequently so I don't always take the time to journal as much as I usually do.

What does your character look like when you're outside of your routine?

My time with God is something I know I need to stay balanced, yet it's so easy for me to convince myself that I can do it "later".

Now that I notice what becomes the first thing to forget, I find myself putting twice as much energy and attention into including it my day, routine or not.

Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.

-Matthew 7:20-

What does your spirtual life look like outside your normal routine?

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