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SHE can't figure it out

Curiosity killed the cat...and my Christmas surprise. Growing up my mom had an ongoing storehouse of off-season bargains that she would buy and dole out for gifts during the in-season holidays. Since we were too young to be left at home...but not too young to observe all the gifts she bought, we always knew when news items would be added to our gift inventory.

Unable to wait for whatever upcoming holiday, I remember how my sister and I snuck into my mom's closet to figure out what she bought. After some light detective work, we found a shopping bag busting at the opening with new pink and turquoise winter jackets. Obviously since pink was my favorite color at the time I silently claimed the bubblegum colored one. Also too young or immature to have some finesse, we made the mistake of dropping hints to our mom that we wanted winter jackets for Christmas...specifically pink and blue jackets. It didn’t take long for her to realize we had broken into her stash and taken a peek. There are some things we just can’t figure out. Like when our car tire will go flat. Or when we’ll get the unexpected piece of news that throws you for a loop. And we definitely can’t figure out how or when God will provide a much needed miracle. We just have to trust that He will. Easy enough...right? I don’t know about you but one thing I’m continually being reminded of is that my timing is almost always off from God’s. When I expect things to happen in the way that I believe they should happen, I can also expect for a curveball to knock all my neatly stacked plans down. Sometimes in an attempt to anticipate this wrecking ball I will spend unnecessary amounts of time trying to figure out how it will all happen: I plead with God which can turn into silent periods. I can go rogue and try making my own plans...which often result in dead end neighborhoods of “Who told you to do all that?” All that effort to figure out an answer, that God will ultimately provide, can be such a waste of time in hindsight. Especially because I’m looking for the answers in the wrong place. Our God’s ways are not as visible as we perceive and can observe human behaviors. It didn’t take much for my sister and I to notice how my mom operated when she bought gifts. So figuring out her plans were easy. God’s gifts are best seen at the right place and time that God determined long before we even took in our first breath. I’m confident that God knows that if we knew what He was going to do, and the way that He would do it...we would run in the opposite direction looking for another solution.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,”declares the Lord."

-Isaiah 55:8

So He provides answers to our prayers using the remarkable, unexpected things around us. So if you think you’re halfway to figuring out Gods plan...sorry you’re not even close.

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