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SHE is between promises

I hate driving. Especially on those long road trips that stretch for hours and hours. It’s one thing to be in the passenger's seat playing DJ and it’s a whole other thing to actually pay attention to the road and the landscape that starts to all look the same after the first 50 miles. A fun fact about Texas is that it takes over 10 hours to drive from one side of the state to the other. That is one fun fact that I hope to never prove. Too late to book a Megabus and too expensive to book a flight, I was left with one option, two years ago, to see a friend in Houston. From Dallas it’s a ~4 hour drive, with nothing interesting but a Bucce’s (Texas landmark...look it up) on the way. Chipotle in my belly and 16 ounces of coffee in my cup holder, I started my journey. I came prepared with audiobooks and playlists to make the time in between one place to the other a little easier. However, 40 minutes into the trip I was already nodding off at the regrettably boring audiobook I checked out and I couldn’t seem to find a song that keep my eyelids open long enough. So I pulled into a rest stop and took a quick power nap. I wish I could say that the nap made the trip better. But for the remaining 3 hours I found different ways to keep myself awake and could have kissed the ground when I finally entered into Houston's city limits! After I was settled in my friend's place it was easier to look at where I came from, from a different perspective. One that felt pride instead of impatience. “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” ‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:18‬ ‭ Dallas and Houston both represented places of peace and promise. But the journey between those two places felt painful to get through. I knew that quitting would completely rob me of my opportunity to grab hold of all the things that I was meant to receive in the form of quality time with my friend and all that good food! When we are waiting on God to fulfill His promise, the journey can feel like a long stretch of the same old landscape of delays and doubts. We can get tired and want to nap and rest but the key is that we keep going on our journey because we know the promises our destination holds. Whatever promises you are waiting to be fulfilled, don’t count out the journey because it’s required to take you from one place of promise to the next.

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