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What is SHE eating?

In an attempt to avoid working out at all costs, I fad diet.

Two weeks of clean eating here.

3 days of no sugar there.

None of it usually works for me until I started Keto + Intermittent Fasting. But the reality is that true diets should turn into lifestyles, otherwise it will be hard to see any true outcomes.

However, being consistent in doing the wrong thing doesn't help either.

In the fall, I realized how true that statement was when my laziness and desire to still eat "healthy" met in the salad aisle in the grocery store. For the next month, I would stack 5 salad boxes into my cart every week. Also for the next month, I would see an increase in the tightness of my pants, specifically in the waist region.

"I'm eating salads for goodness sake! What more do you want!," I silently screamed at the mirror.

During a much needed girls trip out of town, I shared with my friends my frustrations at receiving no results after eating salads for a straight month!

"How many carbs are in the salad?," my suspicious friend asked.

Taken aback from the question, I googled the nutrition facts to my disappointment to realize that the salad with the dressing had as many carbs as a medium fry from Wendy's. After I mourned the fact that I could have been eating Wendy's fries for the last month instead, I took pre-prepared salads off my shopping list.

As Christians, we find ourselves doing things that appear good but actually do nothing to benefit our spiritual lives.

What are we feeding ourselves with spiritually? Worship Music, Supportive Community, and my Personal Relationship with Christ are the things that I know add value to my Christian walk and in turn the Kingdom.

What about you?

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