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SHE is allowed to fall

You only let your child play on rubber mulch playgrounds.

You usually find yourself up late doing your child's homework, while they're already asleep, because you want to make sure they get a good grade.

When your child comes home upset because someone told them that they didn't like their shoes, you've already started dialing their mother to get an apology.

You're still doing all the household chores including laundry and cleaning their room when they're in middle school or high school just so you know it's done right.

....if you related with some or all of these might be a helicopter parent.

Working in the schools has definitely given me a glimpse of what that parenting style looks like. At their core, helicopter parents typically don't want to allow their children to go through the growing pains of basic life lessons in order to shield them from any potential failure or challenge.

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

-James 1:2-4

When I'm going through my own struggles that last longer than expected, though, I hope and pray for a heavenly helicopter parent. Jesus please take this wheel!

I'm at this point in my Christian walk where I'm aware that He is here with me in the highs and lows and that He'll never leave me.

However, what I'm still growing to consistently believe is that, during those tough times, He cares. I mean why would a good and caring parent watch their child struggle through something painful or hard that they could easily help them through or quickly fix. Wouldn't a good parent intervene?

But if you're a parent and/or work with children you know that the best lessons are sometimes learned through adversity and challenge.

In writing this blog, I took the time to ask my Earthly father of a time that he had to watch me go through some growing pains in order for me to mature. Even after all these years, he was quick to recall the challenge of watching me learn how to walk.

Like most fathers, this stage in maturation is exciting and scary as you begin to see your baby begin to strengthen their legs and become more independent. The best he could do was be close enough to make sure I didn't run or fall into anything that would not be to my benefit. But ultimately, he had to allow me to learn how to keep standing back up after my falls so I could eventually walk.

Thanks to his support, now I'm pretty good at walking...unless there's an uneven sidewalk patch.

God is close to you my friend! He sees every fall you've taken and has been your strength to get back up again...otherwise you wouldn't be here to read these words.

I now know that if God didn't allow me to go through tough times I would continue to be too weak and inexperienced to journey down the harder roads of life.

So get back up...keep walking...He is close by.

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