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SHE gets closer

For years I was apart of the elite group of Verizon customers who had service just about anywhere. Since moving to the Bay, I've truly been humbled by having a consistent 1-2 bars just about everywhere. In some rare cases, I might strike 4 bar gold at some random location when I don't need service.

Because I had a strong service connection back in Texas, I was completely unaware of all the different features of my phone that could be impacted when I don't have it.

When I moved to California, like any other millennial, I hooked up to my Wifi Network as soon as I could. After a couple of FaceTime and phone calls back home, I soon realized that having strong WiFi was not enough to have a strong connection. Therefore, I've experienced a lot of patchy phone conversations filled with "Sorry, I missed what you just said, can you repeat that?" or a greyed out screen that reads "Poor Connection. The video will resume automatically when the connection improves” never does.

I've gotten so use to it, that I'll just keep talking to the greyed out screen or fill in the blanks to the missed messages.

In our Christian walks, it's easy to get stuck in the motion. Read the Bible. Throw up a quick prayer before food or we go to sleep. Go to church. Check. Check. Check.

We can be so accustomed to just checking our spiritual Wifis to see that we're connected, but we don't always check our signal strength with the main provider which can easily change in the hills and valleys of what's going on around us.

In James 4:8, we are reminded to "Come near to God and he will come near to you." Sometimes going through the routines of life, we become so accustomed to only checking our spiritual WiFi...

Did I read my Verse of the Day? Great.

Did I pray before I ate or went to bed. Cool.

Did I go to church this week. Perfect.

From all those tasks it's easy to convince ourselves that we're connected to God.

But when we're really trying to hear from Him or feel His presence in tough times, it still feels like we're getting missed messages or like we're talking to a greyed out screens.

It's often times because we might be physically present, but not spiritually connected. In order to get a stronger connection with our main provider we have to get closer to the source. We know when we have all our "bars" when we feel that peace in chaotic situations or make decisions from a place of clarity because we are relying on the wisdom that only comes from Him.

If you're going through the motions and feel far from Christ, He's already extended an invitation for you to draw near!

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