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SHE takes control

At the risk of losing some dog-loving blog readers, I have to admit...I'm not a pet person.

I blame the Incident of 2004, where I miraculously rollerbladed down my neighbor's stairs, down their driveway, and into the streets after their dog took an appetizer-sized bite out of my left thigh.

Since then, I avoid crossing paths with dogs as much as I can possibly help it.

While walking down the streets of Downtown Sacramento on a getaway solo adventure, I not only crossed paths with one dog, but three. At least if they were the size of Taco Bell's mascot, the famous talking chihuahua, I would have kept walking down the sidewalk. But when all three dogs looked like they used to be the stunt doubles for the dog from Sandlot, I decided that this would not be the way or day I would face my fears.

Like I said, the dogs were big. The owner was small, and they all looked like they were taking her for a walk, rather than the other way around.

Each dog was slightly angled in different forward-moving directions, that clearly displayed the owner's loss of balance trying to navigate around trees and benches. Each dog had it's own vision of what it wanted to do and where it wanted to go, with not much consideration for who was supposed to lead them.

Our thoughts can work in the exact same way. Especially when, in our minds, we try to control the narratives about other people's thoughts and actions.

"Maybe she looked at me funny because my hair didn't turn out right...I knew I should have just put it in a bun."

"He probably doesn't like me because I was too goofy and loud."

"My boss complimented everyone but me, did I underperform in some area?"

Trying to gain control of things that are out of our control only cause us to lose control, because those things end up controlling us.

I'm sure we could all come up with a rather long list of runaway thoughts that cause us to come up with false conclusions, based on a weak assumptions. Each person and/or circumstance that we attempt to control the narrative for, ends up controlling us. Before long, we look like the dog owner being led in every which direction.

"We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

-2 Corinthians 10:5

As much as I would like to think I'm so emotionally intelligent to know the causes and conclusions behind people's actions, I'm beginning to come to terms with the reality that I suck at it. I can't control what people say or how they react, but I can control my thoughts and words. We are called to take EVERY thought and re-establish who the true owner is, Christ. Like the independent-minded dogs, make them obedient to their master and His Word.

Today, whatever thoughts rob your joy and peace, give them to our Father. He's in the thought-walking business.

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