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SHE drives in confidence

I think the unofficial state car of California is the convertible. So when my mom and aunt came for a girls' trip, we had to ride according to state standards. Staring up at the roof, all three of us struggled to figure out how to open it. After experimenting with some up-down buttons, twisting some roof handle, and trying to ignore what ever alert kept flashing on the dashboard, we finally got it open. Finally ready to hit the road, we skidded back onto the road as we headed towards the Pacific Coast Highway, famously known as Highway 1. 

The connecting road to Highway 1 was filled with windy and curvy roads with almost no end. As we felt all 60 miles per hour hitting our faces as I navigated this new route, I gripped the steering wheel with both hands as I glided past the cars that were coming in the opposite direction. 

A mixed bag of peace and panic was stirring inside of me as 60 mph would turn into 80 as large semis brushed past me along the narrow lanes. Here I was in a tiny convertible barely able to make sharp turns without shooting up a prayer, while trucks 10 times my size made the same turns, somehow managing to not hit any other cars or trees. 

I remember's what confidence looks like. 

Both me and Mr. Semi-Truck Driver were given the same road to journey on, but how we approached it were completely different. I, who was given a small task in the form on a 2-door Mustang, looked like I could barely handle what I had. Meanwhile, those in the trucks were given a much bigger task, and exuded fearlessness as they twisted and turned all the road. 

It also made me think that that is what it looks like to walk with confidence in Christ. 

So many of us will opt to take smaller tasks or lesser opportunities so that we can be confident that we can accomplish it in our own strength and abilities. But 2019 has already taught me that I can still mess up seemingly easy tasks when I don't depend on God's knowledge, but my own. 

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

-Proverbs 3:5-6

The benefit of trusting God is that whether we're driving through life in small or large vehicles, he will make bending roads appear like straight paths not only from our perspective but from those that need to see what happens when we truly let Jesus take the wheel. 

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