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Will SHE pass the test?

My freshman year of college I was convinced that I was going to be a Lawyer. Heavily influenced by my obsession with Law & Order: SVU, I started taking some classes that would prepare me for a lifetime of courtrooms and gavels. Halfway through my first semester of my Psychology class, I realized that I was coasting at a solid 'D' and I needed to drop the class. With a big glaring 'W' for withdrawn on my transcript, the hope of a being a courtroom presence seemed as fictional as the characters I watched act every Tuesday on the USA channel.

I didn't get it though. I went to the library almost every day. On the weekends, especially, I would spend almost 8 hours taking notes, studying the textbook like it was a Vogue magazine. Feeling amped up off of the the stack of flash cards and color-coordinated notes, I walked into every test feeling like I was ready for any question thrown at me. My grades would speak otherwise.

Determined to pass this course, I signed up for the same class the following semester. Same professor. Same days and times. By the end of the semester I passed the class with a shiny 'A'!

Too old to attach it to my parent's fridge, I just flaunted a proud smile the entire summer!

What was the difference though? I literally took the same class, re-learned the same material to take the same tests (kind of ), by the same professor. Was it the new notebooks I got from Target? Surely not.

With some reflection, I saw how my study habits had changed. I developed a better understanding of what was important to focus on and learn so that when I studied, I capitalized on my time reviewing information that helped me pass whatever test was given to me.

In this faith walk with our Father, we are often like Christian Freshman. We spend a lot of time doing things that look good but reap no fruit. Maybe we spend hours participating in Sunday services, bible studies, and on social media posting about our faith but fail to implement it when we experience disappointment, unexpected answers, or any form of traffic that plagues any big city.

From April to June 2018, I experienced several obstacles that tested my ability to trust God. I blogged about trusting God, told people I trusted God, but when I stood in the midst of a circumstance that tested it, I knew I kept failing.

The convicting part was that the test was always the same. When something unplanned arose, I freaked out and started to doubt God's ability to rescue me. After more failed tests than I would like to share, I FINALLY learned to trust different.

Instead of making emotionally driven decisions that never brought solutions, I went back to my notes-journals and highlighted scriptures that the Holy Spirit had given me over time to meditate and study. Instead of spending countless and needless hours trying to solve my own problems, I reviewed my spiritual study guide, and the same tests became easier to pass.

2019 may be a new year, but the tests I've already been given are the same, with one question: Do you trust me?

"Being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised."

-Romans 4:21

Would you pass this one-answer test?

How can you study better to prepare you for the tests of life?

What scriptures do you need to review?

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