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SHE gets a second chance

The Great Wall of China. Christ the Redeemer Statue (Rio de Janeiro). Machu Picchu. Chichen Itza. The Colosseum. Taj Mahal. Petra.

The 7 World Wonders.

This holiday season, parking spaces in any shopping center can easily fit on the list as the 8th World Wonder. As my head did a SWAT team-like sweep over the packed layout of the Uptown Mall parking lot, my face suddenly glimmered a brilliant red as the back-up lights of a car painted my face.

Who would have thought that a Christmas miracle would happen right outside of an almost closing Wing Bucket.

This red glimmer came as a second chance to the hope I thought was recently lost. In a heartbreaking oversight, I drove past a wide open parking space just as I turned to look. The parade of cars following behind me was an immediate reminder that there was no turning back. So I drove on periodically looking in my rear view mirror to see what blessed soul would receive my “missed gift”.

Just as I began to rationalize that perhaps no one needed presents this year, because I refuse to do another lap in this retail merry-go-round, my foot applied to the breaks before I was even able to process what was happening.

As I glided into the open parking space, I looked up to see the beautiful white letters, O-L-D N-A-V-Y, smiling back at me. Not only did I find another parking space, but it was literally right in front of the store I needed to race into.

Sometimes what we perceive as a second chance are a part of God’s original plan all along.

This Christmas season as Christians, we are reminded to reflect on the birth of Christ and the significance that it had to for our salvation, grace, and eternal life with Him. The birth of Christ can also call us to reflect on the reason Christ’s birth was needed in the first place. After sin entered the Earth through the disobedience of Adam and Eve, God knew that we would need a man greater than Adam that would live the life that was originally required in Eden. A perfect life where man would live in consistent fellowship with God.

After the fall in Eden, most of those who came after Adam probably felt like true salvation without the need for constant sacrifice was a missed opportunity. That direct fellowship with God was something that could never be attained again.

The bible highlights those that foreshadowed the coming of a Messiah, a perfect lamb that would be sacrificed once and for all. Our “Second Chance”.

Even as we live in the A.D. (anno domini which means in the "year of the Lord"), we may feel like we missed an opportunity that God granted us. Like an overlooked parking space, we begin to settle for less because why would God grant us another chance.

The good news of today is that Christ’s birth signifies God’s ability to granted us a second chance when we feel like we missed our opportunity. Jesus came into the world in order to do what Adam could not. What animal sacrifices could never. So that we could know that it was only by God, through Christ that we could one day receive Eden again.

What opportunity do you feel like you missed?

Pray: Lord, I've been carrying this weight of guilt and regret because I feel like I missed my chance. However, because you are all-knowing, you knew this and already provided another opportunity for me to receive everything you have for me. I stand on Psalm 84:11 that says, "For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless." Help me to hold that in my heart and repeat it when guilt and regret try to creep back in. In your name, Jesus, Amen.

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