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SHE goes through the rain

California has supposedly been going through a drought. For the first three and half months of living here, I didn’t see a single drop of rain. Well actually I woke up one morning and there were some drops on my car, but I don’t count that.

After a clear blue sky hiatus, the rainy season came in with a bang. While driving in the rain isn’t fun at any point in the day, driving at night is the worst. Every accelerated foot forward is a prayer for Jesus to literally take the wheel.

No lane is safe.

The outer lanes typically have pooling water that turns into a makeshift car wash or pond if you’re not careful. The middle lanes typically place you right behind some other car’s backsplash that the windshield wipers have no defense against.

So that leaves this driver going 20 miles per hour, nose to the steering wheel, singing whatever worship song I can remember. My ETA is no longer accurate and even my tight grip around the steering wheel is meaningless to an unforeseen puddle or sudden stop from the car in front of me.

It doesn’t matter how tightly you grip the steer wheel. When God directs your path, your direction will be completely out of your control.

This past week I’ve had to go through the painful process of walking by faith and not sight, because my fellow Herologians, I couldn’t see a single step in front of me. I’ve been completely dependent on God to answer every little detail in order for everything to fall into place. While of course He never stopped being faithful, I’ve come to realize why faithfulness is totally a God-like characteristic. To be faithful requires consistent commitment to what you said you were going to do regardless of the circumstance. God proved this in His ability to pursue the cross against all odds. He also proved it 2000+ years later when I wrote out a list of needs and He met each one.

I know how hard it is to move in faith whether in the pouring rain or through tear-soaked eyes. Both riddle you with feelings of uncertainty and cries for help. But I can tell you from experience that He hears them, and He answers them, we just may not see it until it’s daytime again, and the sun comes back out.

“...weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.”

-Psalm 30:5

What are you crying out to God for today?

How has you brought you through the rain before?

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