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SHE tries not to look

I remember being in the 2nd grade and standing outside in the harsh Northern Illinois weather, pinching my forearm. I was accompanied by a handful of other terrified 7 or 8 year old girls who took turns pinching each other.

Before you get considered about my childhood and recess rituals, let me just say it was vaccination season and Hepatitis shots were on the menu.

Several minutes later, I realized all my pinching practices were in vain as the school nurse firmly held my wiggling arm as she drove what felt like a 12 inch kebab stick through my wee little armlet.

How did I know it was 12 inches (by my terrified calculations at least) you ask? Because I looked.

The first lesson of Shots 101 is DON'T LOOK! I failed the first test and I was haunted by that image for approximately the next week to 15 years.

As an adult I still wince at shots but I’ve also learned not to look. There’s no benefit because I still can’t reason why that needle needs to be that long. It just doesn’t make sense.

And neither do most of God’s plans at first.

God's plan typically looks like a series of unrelated events that would not be connected until He connects the dots.

Thank God He doesn’t reveal His plan for the things that I want because I probably would reject them, cross my legs, fold my arms, and wait for God’s “other” game plan...knowing good and well He only has one.

For Example:

-First True Love: I wouldn’t have walked away from that relationship if God had revealed to me that shortly after I would experience depression, social isolation and 2.5 years more of singleness.

-First Professional Job: I wouldn’t have taken the school job if I knew that I would be in the same district for 4 years working in a setting I was initially trying to avoid like the plague.

- 2010 Summer Enrichment Program: I wouldn’t have gone to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for 6 weeks if I knew I would have to wake up for a 7AM Physics prep class, take the ACT twice a week, plus study a half-inch thick pack of English grammatical rules.

-Move to the Bay Area: I definitely wouldn’t have asked God to grow me in my career if I knew that it would require me to leave Dallas and move halfway across the country to California by myself.

"For we live by faith, not by sight"

-2 Corinthians 5:7

God is doing us a favor. That’s why He asks us to trust Him in faith and not by sight because he knows we would most likely scream and run in the opposite direction if we saw the path to His promises. However, each and every situation listed above is continuing to reap fruit that was planted in the "No and Why Me Gods" times.

Like a shot, the path to healing can be long, painful and scary but the benefits always supersede them all. God protects us by telling us to walk by faith and not by sight because what we perceive and how we perceive things are very rarely an accurate representation of what faith will produce.

What are some events in your life that you initially thought were less than ideal?

How did those life events end up being to your benefit?

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