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SHE gets the red light

How many traffic lights does one street need? After relocating from a more metropolis area to a college town, I feel like I’ve never had to go through so many traffic lights before. Because of the pedestrian-friendly community I live in, it feels like I’m driving in a bumper car race course. Constantly accelerating just to suddenly stop at a crosswalk or red light to let others go.

I take a common street to access the highway. I’m too discouraged to actually count for myself, but if I had to guess, I would probably estimate that there are close to 15 traffic lights across the 3 mile stretch. And I might be underestimating. It almost seems like a Christmas-time light show as they switch across green to yellow to red about every 100 feet.

Go. Slow Down. Stop.

By the time I hit the highway, I’m stir crazy to be able to keep my foot on the accelerator and go at least 3 minutes without pumping on the brakes.

Over the weekend, I received an early Christmas gift as I glided through one traffic light after the other. All giving me green smiles.

After a couple minutes, my good fortune inevitably ended with a red light that brought my joy ride to a close.

“How dare you” I mentally scolded the red light.

Sometimes a pattern of blessings makes you forget why they are considered blessings in the first place.

A series of unwanted closed doors or red lights in our lives can make the path to our promises seem so long. Just as we seem to be accelerating forward, we’re made to slow down and come to a complete stop.

We wait and watch others around us continue to go on with their lives. Receiving the benefits from our time of waiting.

In that waiting period, sometimes all we can think about is the green light.

So when we receive not only one but several green lights, we can have a greater appreciation for every single one we are allowed to pass through because we understood what it felt to wait.

In life, it seems like a better option to have green lights in whatever we present to God.

Dream home.

Ideal spouse.

Desired job.

When we don’t receive it in our own time, the wait seems like a punishment.

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”

-James 1:2-3

Sometimes, the red lights in our lives are divinely placed to allow us to appreciate the green lights more.

Take inventory of the times that you experienced a waiting period.

What faith or skill was built up during that time?

How did that red light help you in the green ones?

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