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SHE is unclean

It took me 3 months, but I finally found a coffee shop in Bay Area! Now, I’m not even a big coffee drinker. I just like coffee shops for the free WiFi and coffee infused air that just makes you actually want to be productive.

Excited that I know have a place that accommodates my needs to plug-in to the Internet and charger source, I began arranging everything I needed to be productive.

Laptop. Check.

Charger. Check.

Overpriced Sticky Bun. Check.

Notes, Pens, and Papers. Check.

Just as I began to inhale the warm, coffee aroma of my new oasis, it was interrupted by the strong blend of unpleasant smells. I began to look around to find the source.

After a quick 180 degree swivel, I saw a old man standing in line to check out. He had on all-tan sweats that were covered in darks stains and spots. His socks were filthy and were largely black with small grey patches that hinted that they used to be completely white sock at one time. The main entrance to the shop transformed into a fan that seemed to funnel all the ripe smells of his clothes and body odor directly into my nose. As I swiveled back around, I could see other customers try to cover their noses inconspicuously with their sleeves or just analyze this man who seemed to stick out in scent and style.

After about 5 or so minutes, I decided to relocate to a different aspect of the shop. I quickly plugged into a nearby wall, hoping that anyone that was observing me would think my motive for moving was solely based on my dying battery life.

My new relocated spot from a distance gave me a perfect view of what would later inspire my new perspective.

The man got his cup of coffee and shuffled over to some empty seating right by the coffee bar. He sat and drank his coffee amidst blatant migrations of nearby fellow customers to other parts of the coffee shop or out of the shop entirely.

After about 10 minutes, I glanced back up to witness a man sitting next to him, engaging in light conversation. He had on a clean plaid button up with navy pants, and shiny brown dress shoes.

Out of the several people that went out of their way to avoid this man. This man went to go sit in the least desirable spot in the area and engage with a man who we all rejected.

I can’t lie that I wondered what they had found in common to talk about. I wondered if he had some experience or connection to the unhoused population and so could empathize with this man. I also wondered...

what made me so different from him?

While I have a roof over my head, food in my fridge, and access to hygiene products, the inner SHE can be quite filthy.

“...but where sin increased, grace increased all the more…”

-Romans 5:18

The good news of the gospel is that Jesus approached us in our sin. He sat, walked, and talked with famous sinners like Matthew, a tax collector, whose occupation made his sins known. Even the Pharisees who were so religious that they tried to school Jesus on the Word that He, himself, inspired.

He talked to the woman at the Well who was rejected by society.

He touched a leper that made it his daily duty to announce that he was unclean.

He talked to me in the hardest times when my sins seemed too great to even admit in my journal.

I’m eternally grateful for Christ because like the soiled and rejected man in the coffee shop, Christ sat with me when others walked away. I know we all have testimonies of the things that Christ saved us from and could probably detail the rancid smelling state we were in, when Christ in all his purity not only sat with us, but announced that we were His.

Let's Pray: Thank you Jesus for sitting with me in times of rejection. I'm grateful that your grace continues to be sufficient and greater than the sin in my life. I pray that as I continue to walk with you, that I will tap into your boldness to speak and walk with people that too experience rejection.

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