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SHE digs for joy

Words of Affirmation.

Physical Touch.

Acts of Service.

Quality Time.


These are the 5 Love Languages that have become buzzwords in discussions about social and intimate relationships.

While gifts aren’t the highest of my love languages, I love getting sentimental gifts. I don’t care if you paid 1 million dollars for a necklace or bought me a luxury car (although I will drive it). I like gifts that have some thought behind it. Maybe you know that I love pizza and so you give me a CiCi’s gift card or that you’ve seen my candle collection and get me a Pumpkin Caramel scented candle from Bath and Body Works (*hint hint*). I like gifts that have personal value.

That being said, I was clearly a nervous wreck when I lost a ring my Dad gave me when I went away for the first time for the summer. He made a whole presentation at home in front of our family just to make me feel special and to congratulate me on my first solo trip away from the house.

I loved that ring. I wore it everywhere and constantly check my hand just to make sure I didn’t lose it. The only time I took it off was when I washed my hands.

After a whole summer of meticulously watching over my ring, I somehow found a way to leave it on the bathroom counter in an Oklahoma airport. Before I noticed, I had already unpacked my suitcase safely back in my Midwestern hometown. I searched everywhere. Both suitcases. I backtracked along the trail that I took from the car to my room. Every crevice of the car, until it hit me. I took it off to wash my hands in the bathroom right before I got on the plane.

I was crushed.

That ring held so much sentimental value that I would have dug through trash and filth in hopes to find it.

How much do you value joy?

Sometimes it feels like joy is buried under the trash and filth of sin, negative thoughts, and just the obstacles of life. By the time we look around to find joy in our lives, it becomes so hard to find! But we search after what we value.

Would you be willing to dig and fight through the lies of the enemy that tell you, you are not enough?

Would you be willing to risk getting cut by processing through broken relationships with friends and family members?

Would you be willingly to get your hands dirty by fighting temptations that keep you from being connected to God on a deeper level?

When joy is the fine line between continued pain or progression, the risk is worth it. The hours, days, or weeks, spent searching after that prized possession is meaningless compared to the joy that is associated with having it.

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”

-Romans 8:18

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