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SHE hates wearing pantyhose

Growing up, I wore pantyhose just like every other girl in my church. If you looked down the row of chairs in Sunday school, it would almost seem like we were a synchronized scratch team, as we all tugged and pulled at itchy legs.

Most of the females in my church wore it as a part of a dress combo in rain, snow, and sunshine. I wondered, did they not make female pants for church or something?

I figured that when I grew up, all I had to do was go to a different church where the dress code was posted outside that read, “ATTIRE: PANTS ONLY FOR EVERYONE!”.

As an adult, one of my first acts of “resistance” was wearing jeans to the first service I attended in college. No one had any idea that they were sitting next to a very proud rebel that day.

Over the years of course, I've worn a combination of formal and informal clothing to church. Honestly, who cares. My worship is in no way influenced by my wardrobe...unless of course I have on pantyhose.

The same thing applied to my prayer life.

“...pray without ceasing…”

-1 Thessalonians 5:17

I remember how intimidating that verse was. Who has time for that? How do I go about my busy day, when I have to set aside and devote all this time to closing my eyes, bowing my head and praying. Doesn’t God want me to work too?

Prayer life doesn’t have to be wrapped up in some itchy pantyhose you don’t want to wear. It’s not supposed to be some uncomfortable and forced experience.

Praying without ceasing simply means that as Christians we should always be seeking fellowship with God. Whether you’re in 5PM traffic coming back from work, walking into a job interview, or exercising.

Praying is simply talking to God.

Whatever thoughts you have He already knows them, so you might as well be direct in sharing them with him.

Don’t approach your prayer life like I approached my attire for church growing up. It has to look a certain way in order for it to be acceptable. Take advantage of any opportunity to share your thoughts with God today. He’s already listening.

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