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SHE loves hand-me-downs

Nobody likes hand-me-downs. There’s just something about actually getting something new. But when you’re a younger sibling, it’s inevitable that at least 50% of your closet is a homemade consignment store. While I didn’t enjoy wearing the old clothes that my sister no longer wanted, I did enjoy some other hand-me-downs...her success.

Growing up, my sister was the local genius. Pretty much from middle school until she graduated from college, I was close behind her soaking up all the benefits that comes from been related to someone that collects awards and trophies like it was her profession.

“Oh you’re Esther’s sister?” became my trigger phase to let me know a door was most likely going to open right up because people hoped and assumed that I would be a cloned version of my older sister. “Yes I am !” I’d quickly answer. I loved it. It was like getting a job without sending in a resume. My association qualified me.

In my relationship with Christ, how often do I say, “I am a child of God! A daughter of the one true King!” It sounds good in worship songs and on T-shirts, but how often does my faith reflect my family ties? As a child of God, I inherited spiritual hand-me-downs and am associated with confidence, righteousness, and power to overcome the things of this world that can knock me right off my feet. But I have to be willing to accept it.

Back then, if I denied my association with my sister, when asked, I probably would have missed out on the opportunities that I received because of their inherent confidence in who they assumed I was, because of who I was associated with.

“Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ”

-Romans 5:1

Sons and daughters in Christ, don’t miss out on the blessings that God wants to rain on you because of your association with His Son, Jesus. He doesn’t want to hold back any hand-me-down that He has also given to Son.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel…”

-Romans 1:16

But the beauty in what God has to offer is that what He passes to us is not old and worn like my sister’s used clothes. He makes all things new, so as you go throughout your day, be confident to name drop…”Yea, I’m a child of God!”

What "hand-me-down" can you take from Christ? Power, Grace, Forgiveness?

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