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SHE walks by faith

I’m the worst person to surprise. Maybe it was my childhood dream of becoming a lawyer or too many Law & Order: SVU episodes, but I’m good for asking too many questions. I want to know!

My dear (and poor) friend was a victim of my interrogative ways in an attempt to throw me a surprise birthday/going away party. I had all the questions.

What’s going on?

Why am I being blindfolded?

Who sent you?

I wanted to know. I had to know.

As I sat in her car, blindfolded, I humorously likened my voluntary kidnapping to scenes from “Taken.” I was taking note of all the left and right turns, bumps in the road, and slow and fast speeds. After a couple familiar bumps and potholes, I was 99.9% sure I had guessed my ransom location.

I sat confidently in the passenger’s seat and engaged in a blindfolded conversation with my “captor”. I was confident because I was fairly sure I knew where I was going. That confidence quickly disappeared the minute I got out of the car. Still blindfolded, I had to hold on to my friend’s arm so she could guide me.

I know she wouldn’t let me trip over something or walk into a pole but I was still scared. I literally walked like I was trying on cheap flip-flops in the store that were still elastic-banded together. Even though she was skillfully guiding me, I still needed to physically scan the area in front of me with my foot just in case.

Yes. I looked crazy and a half.

The whole time I couldn’t help but think that this is what blind faith looks like.

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

-2 Corinthians 5:7

Blind faith and leaps of faith both sound good on paper. However, the real-life execution part can feel almost painful. If you’re like me, you wrap your arm around God’s promises but you second guess them at almost every step.

When I was cutting out the edges of all the “Get out of your comfort zone” scriptures I found on Pinterest for my vision board, I didn’t understand fully what I was asking God. I thought breaking the realm of my comfort zone meant that I was going to go on more roller coasters or go skydiving. Leaving my friends and family so I could fulfill what God was allowing me to do was not what I had in mind.

Nevertheless, here I am. Willfully blindfolded and holding onto the arms of a God that has never failed me.

“God is within her, she will not fall.”

-Psalm 46:5

There’s no need to scan in front of me because He knows where He’s taking me. The key is to just hold on to His arm.

What step of faith would take you outside of your comfort zone?

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