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SHE is out of control

I plan. Not every aspect of my life, but most of it. Especially when the event like a party or a big move has me as the poster child for either success or failure. To be honest I enjoy planning because it allows me to have a good preview of what is to come and anticipate any possible pitfalls that may get in the way.

I’m trying to minimize risk. Similar to the job of a financial planner, who may try to reduce the risk of their client’s investments and assets. I figure if I plan out everything, then my execution can be failproof.

Yea right.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

-John 16:33

Because of sin, God knew that the world needed a Savior to provide hope in a world full of disappointment and pain. Enter stage right, Jesus. He doesn’t dismiss that there are things in the world that can really shake us up and destroy our peace. But that’s why He came. To overwhelm the things that overwhelm us.

These past few months, my faith has tested my fear. I exclaim that “I trust you Lord!” and then the moment something doesn’t go my way, I begin channeling mid-water Peter vibes and start sinking. Peter took his eyes off Jesus. Peter was trying to fulfill his calling to walk on water, and after a few steps, he probably thought, hold on let me check out the stability of these waves under my feet. That wasn’t his job, and worry isn’t mine or yours either.

We try to control things so we don’t have to worry, and when we can’t control things, we worry.

However, that ugly cycle doesn’t include a God who is supremely in control of every situation. So join me as I, too, combat the exhausting feelings of worry. Take notice of the big and small moments that cause you to feel out of control, completely powerless to change the outcome. Good, now let God.

What thing in your life do you feel completely burdened by?

What scripture or phrase do you need to repeat to remind you to give it to God?

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