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SHE pulls out the weeds

In the gardening world, my thumb would be whatever the opposite color of green is. Somehow after two or more generations of farmers and gardeners, the skills for gardening decided to completely jump right over my group of siblings and cousins. However, whenever my aunt goes out of town, I inevitably become the unqualified head gardener. While my duties are quite limited and amateur, the mere task of watering the flowers is a whole Olympic event for me.

Jacket with a hoodie firmly tightened around my face. Check.

Enough bug spray to ward off any insect within a 3 mile radius. Check.

Mismatched tubes socks attractively pulled up and over some old pants. Check.

...and now to brave the wild terrain known as my Aunt’s mid-sized suburban garden.

When I first start off I go for the pots, and drown the soil in enough water to last them until she can get back and hopefully do it herself. The hose in the backyard only stretches so far, so I resort to hauling buckets of water over to each pot. After that painstaking task, I treat myself to ending with the far-reaching hose in the front yard to shower the remaining flowers.

As I was watering, I snapped out of my brief trip to LaLaland, and realized that I didn’t know if I was watering a weed or a plant. You see I grew up in an area where dandelions were very common. For years of my childhood, I thought that dandelions were flowers. Why not, they looked so bright and pretty and grew in the most open of places that just screamed to be picked. Needless to say, when I found out the dandelions were actually weeds, my heart was crushed.

As I stood watering this confusing plant, I could only meditate on the possible weeds in my life that I have been watering. Some have been in my garden for so long that it’s hard to distinguish them from the rest of the flowers. Others just look so pretty that even though I know they’re weeds, I reason that they’re not hurting anything by growing in their little section.

Gluttony. Fear. Disobedience.

All seemingly harmful weeds that don’t sound as threatening as Fornication, Murder, or Theft.

But they are weeds nonetheless. When I overeat, I don’t honor my body, and I sure don’t practice growing self-control. When I make decisions out of fear, I shut out the peace that it allows me to take in every moment of the blessing that God has for me. When I act contrary to what God is telling me to do, I build a shaky foundation on which nothing can last.

“Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.”

-Colossians 2:7

When we pay attention to the roots we plant in the things and people we allow in our lives, we can more easily be able to distinguish which one is planted in order to prosper us or destroy us.

What weeds are you still watering?

In what areas do you need to replanted in the Word of God?

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