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SHE is a mess

My house looks a hot mess. Now before you call the producers of Hoarders, my place is disorganized not dirty. Definitely a difference. The last 3 weeks have been such a whirlwind of appointments and assignments, that the simple task of hanging up a shirt seemed like a daunting task. Over the last couple of weeks, I have seen my nicely organized home fall apart day after day after day. One unhung shirt has turned into the foundation for loose cardigans and unfolded jeans. My scattered shoes have turned into orange construction barrels that clearly outline that this area is definitely under construction...walk with caution.

As I became more overwhelmed in my life, my home began to paint a very good picture of what my inner self looked like.  I saw an atmosphere that once welcomed a variety of guests turn into a hostile environment that even I no longer enjoy. Although, I’m not worried about anyone stopping by for a cup of sugar or to borrow some milk, I’m still embarrassed by the mess that is surrounding me. I didn’t want anyone to know that this typically 'Type A-everything has a place-please take off your shoes' girl is living like she is channeling a state college frat house.

What would people think? They’d know I wasn’t always put together.

My spiritual life can often times resemble my house. When my connection with God is strong, I feel like every dish is washed, all the laundry is folded and sorted, and the bed that is never made looks flawless. When someone wants to check in with me, I’m quick to invite them in to share a testimony and the details of my life because there’s nothing to hide...not a dirty sock in sight. In fact, I may even give them a tour, showing them the areas of my life that I’ve been delivered from or the segments of my life where I see noticeable growth. It's always easy to highlight the positives.

No one ever likes to show off their messy room. Those are places we keep locked. We navigate people around those spaces because we assume if they knew they’d never come back. They wouldn’t understand the process that occurred that led up to this mess and that it doesn’t always look that way. That those messed up rooms don’t define you.

When I struggle with temptation or am weighed down by recurring sin that seems to litter the floors and shelves of my life, I know God is not bothered by the mess. In fact, the messy rooms of our lives are the very first stops He makes when we invite Him in. He’s not impressed by the areas that seem to be well put together and organized. Instead He wants to abide with us in the areas where we wouldn’t dare let anyone else in.

"God, who knows the heart, showed that he accepted them by giving the Holy Spirit to them, just as he did to us."

-Acts 15:8

Stop trying to impress God. He already knows what the inside of your home looks like. Instead allow Him to take control of any deep cleaning that you may not even realize you needed. Invite Him in today, He’s already at the door.

What area of your life do you hide from others, but need to confess to God?

If God has recently cleaned a messy room in your life, how can you take small steps to keep it clean?

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