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SHE sucks at planning

I have a moderate form of Type A Personality. This diagnosis is completely self-diagnosed based off of Buzzfeed quizzes, a brief symptom checklist, and a collection of color-coordinated tabbed folders and accordion files in my room and office. A common characteristic of a Type A personality is to be a planner. I have a mini agenda book in my brain (I’m pretty sure it’s color-coordinated too), that has an overview of the upcoming day, week, and next 6-8 months planned out. Now I don’t mean every single I said I’m only moderate not severe. But things like trips, get togethers, and big event dates are penciled in, well in advance.

Outside of my event calendar I love to do some small-scale event planning (check out some thematic decor by HERology 101). Birthdays, kickbacks, or holiday parties...I’m your girl. After doing some formal, extensive research on Pinterest, I learned the limbic system, specifically the hippocampus, is mainly responsible for emotions. I share that to highlight the area that fires off in excitement the minute someone says the word DECOR! That word activates parts of my brain to start thinking about color schemes, needed photobooth props, and general ambiance of events.

Short story made long, I love planning. From start to finish and all the little details in between. My anxiety goes way down when I feel like I have a game plan for what’s ahead.

That being said, you can imagine the kind of faith workout I’ve had as a Christian by learning to trust God’s plans over mine.

“The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.”

-Proverbs 16:9

One thing I’ve learned is that I’m pretty good at planning parties and get togethers but pretty bad at planning out my own life. I stopped taking score for all the times I gave God some well thought out, color-coordinated, and neatly strategized plans for my life just to be taken in a way better direction than I had even imagined.

For example, I arrived in Dallas on a one-way ticket July 4th, 2014. By July 5th, I started applying for every speech therapist position in a hospital/medical setting I could find in the DFW area. If I saw the words ‘medical’ or ‘hospital’, I sent them my resume. After a month of training my ears to hear the faintest ring of my phone or email notification ding, I started to realize my plans to be a medical SLP may not be a reality anymore. Shortly after this realization, I received a forwarded email about a district near me that was hiring...and four life-changing years later, I’m in the same district. Within these four years, I was introduced to a passion for alternative means of communication and I’m now even more thankful that my plans did not work out.

Whether you’re Type A or not, it’s easy to plan out your day, week, or life in a way that best fits what you believe to be best. Maybe you want to have a bigger house or even buy your first home. Maybe you plan to take your first trip out of the country or start a family with your spouse by next year. These are all great plans that the word of God does not oppose, but what is our response when He doesn’t approve of it right now? This year? Or seemingly worse...ever? It’s really disappointing when things don’t go as we planned and when our steps are ordered in a completely opposite direction of what we had imagined. You and I won’t always get all the answers for re-directed steps and ‘changed’ plans, but there is comfort in knowing that the one ordering our steps has a strong reputation in event planning. I’m not very good at making fail-proof life plans, but I happen to know someone who is.

What are some ways that God has ordered your steps for the better?

What plans have you -or- do you need to give to God?

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