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SHE is still loading

5...4...3...2...1....DING! If you love food as much as I do, then you will recognize this as the soundtrack to your heart. As the microwave timer slowly counts down and the aroma of last night’s pizza begins to assault your senses, you begin rejoicing at the reality that the last 45 seconds were definitely worth the wait. 45 seconds though? That’s nothing.

What was worse was waiting 55 minutes for a dutch apple pie to finally warm up so I could teach it how to swim in my lactose-free vanilla bean ice cream I had just picked up during a rare sweet tooth binge. Now that was torture. My entire home was slowly filled with the smell of warm apples and I could do nothing about it because only 28 minutes and 16 seconds had passed and the pie was still ice cold in the center.

Waiting can be hard. Thankfully most of you who will read this blog are familiar with the old school concept of a dial up for the Internet. If not: check it out. I’m one of the few millennials who can say they grew up straddling the line between dial up and unlimited data plans. My teenage years were robbed of the time it took for my AOL sign on to finally load so I could AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) with my crushes and BFFs.

You and I could probably make a long list of different moments in our lives when we had to wait. Sometimes the wait may have been filled with tasty distractions like complimentary bread rolls or biscuits, while other times the wait was so painful because it felt like God had somehow forgotten you, your prayers, or both.

“Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

-James 1:4

God knows every single thing we will accomplish in our lives. He has every milestone marked out in His own timing and feels in no way shape or form rushed to bring it to fruition until He knows it is the right time. Now by earthly standards that wait time can feel like spiritual dial up. In the excitement of our own plans for our lives and anticipated stages in life, we don’t always find the value in the perseverance it requires to take advantage of everything God has for us in His perfect will. I am more than guilty of wanting to speed up whatever wait time I have in order to receive what I asked for instead of waiting for the final finished product.

God is good and He knows what’s He’s doing even if we can’t see it. Whether you have one or five things in your life that you feel are still loading, take advantage of the lessons learned during that time. They may be the very skills you need to fulfill the next level God is bringing you to.

What areas are your life are still loading?

What lessons have you learned so far in your wait?

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