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SHE chooses Him

I love, love. I could binge watch engagement videos and wedding vows continuously just smiling until it hurts. I view true love as such an amazing concept. Think about it-two people with varied life events could meet at the same time in one place. I’d encourage you to think of the heightened rarity that they would also both be single (hopefully) at the same time, like each other, and even more importantly be willing to accept each others quirky and annoying habits enough to say...hey you want to spend the rest of your life with me? For those who are not as excited about love as I am, this may seem like an entirely too deep of an analysis for marriage, but the rarity of true love is why I value the sanctity of marriage so much.

You have probably heard the phrase: love is not just an action, it’s a choice. Considering the different people in my life that I love, I can definitely agree with that statement. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean that you love everything they do or say. In fact, it’s the people we love that have the ability to hurt us the most or annoy us like no other. But somehow despite all the eye rolls, side-eyes, and any other acrobatic eye movement you can make, you somehow manage to form the words..I….love….you out loud or in your actions.

While this concept of love seems so easy to comprehend with those I can physically see, it definitely is a challenge in my Christian walk. Even the apostle John stated…

”Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen.”

-1 John 4:20

He recognized that is it conceptually a lot easier to love someone you can see with your own eyes, than it is to love a God you have not seen. Yet, if you identify as a Christian, you have made the declaration that you have accepted the love demonstrated to you on the cross, and that you in turn want to live a life of love to Christ first, to ourselves, and then to others. But love still boils down to a choice. Like Christ chose us first, we too must choose Christ.

I’m sure you’re thinking I did that! I’ve been baptized, I do to church, and I post scripture verses on social media allll the time! What more does He want? He wants you to choose Him in every situation and every decision. Yes, that means when you want to cutoff that driver that just cut you off without a turn signal...choose Him. When someone does something that sparks anger and revenge...choose Him. When your heart is broken and you are tempted to run to the nearest bottle or man/woman to mask the pain for a little bit...choose Him. That’s how we love Christ, through action.

The added benefit is that when we choose Christ in situations where obedience to flesh would be so much easier and quickly frankly instantly gratifying, we make the devil furious! I get teary-eyed during baptisms or the moments when I witness someone give their life to Christ because it is a major slap in the face to the father of lies, the devil. It demonstrates that while that individual had every opportunity and freewill to choose what will benefit themselves, they chose to live their lives according to what God wants. Can you imagine offering someone a delicious piece of pizza fresh from the oven, but watching as they walk past it for a bowl of salad? That’s the confusion the devil experiences every time we choose God’s way over our own. We choose the option that doesn’t just taste good for now, but the one that can sustain us and allow us to grow for eternity.

How can you demonstrate your love for Christ today?

What area of your life can you challenge yourself to choose Him? Relationships? Gluttony? Destructive habits?

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