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SHE stays out of the kitchen

If you're a birthdayzilla, like me then that means that your birth date AND month are more of a festival than just your everyday party. My friends know that I like to do something different or exciting with a new theme attached, every year.

Imagine if this year they decided that they would handle my birthday plans and do all the running around and organizational plans. The thought of being able to just be worry-free going into my birthday would help the word YES roll right off my tongue!

On the day of my birthday I wake up and roll over to check my phone...0 messages.

Maybe they're not up yet, I think. I go about my day, no incoming calls. When I try to call, they give brief greetings and engage in a distracted conversation for less than a minute just to say...hey I actually have to go your cake is ready…

As I get ready for the birthday activities, I attempt to get someone to at least come over and help me zip up my dress...something! No one picks up…

By the time I arrive at the party location, the balloons, cards, and faces smiling back at me no longer hold the value they once did. As everyone screams, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I feel like this is the first time all day they noticed me...and I’m the celebrant.

From my friend’s perspective, they would feel accomplished that they threw an amazing and memory-making birthday party for me. So my less-than-excited demeanor would definitely be a shock to them. How could I be so ungrateful, they would think. We did this for you!

Our Father is sovereign. He literally made everything from the skin cells on the upper left portion of your back to the smallest grain of sand in the deepest part of the sea. Needless to say He doesn't need anything, especially not from us. Yet, He died on the cross because He wanted to be able to spend time with us forever in eternity!

Like my friends who planned my party, we as believers get so caught up in the desire to do things in the name of Jesus! They're righteous and noble things like discipling others in our community, serving in a ministry at church, or even writing weekly faith-based blogs like HERology 101, for example. But if we do all these things in His name without prioritizing our time with Jesus...then who are we really doing it for?

“Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”

-Luke 10:41-42

In Luke, Jesus came to visit Mary and Martha. Only one understood the true priority of the visit-intimate time with Jesus. While the other focused on cleaning, cooking, and hosting. Noble, but void of the value that comes with abiding with the Lord.

As we walk in our purpose as Christians, we can get swept away with the motions of ministry. We can become like Martha, preoccupied in the kitchens our of lives, trying so hard to prepare a feast in God’s honor, but we’ve neglected to even invite him to the table.

What are the things that you are doing to bring glory to God?

Have you invited God into those plans?

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