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SHE takes out the trash

I used to love to watch Hoarders on AMC! It was so interesting to see how seemingly typical people could be living a completely different life right next door to you!

The people on the show had unhealthy emotional attachments to objects that in their minds held significant value like an empty water bottle or even their child's used diaper. They would fill up their homes with these items until eventually they could no longer access certain rooms in their house or were even subjected to use the toilet in their own kitchen...that was a rough episode to watch. Those that lived in the house with them were often interviewed as feeling overwhelmed or depressed, themselves, because their environment was literally toxic.

In this pop-tart society, where the standards for beauty, success, and failure are constantly changing and controlled by a like on Instagram or by your number of followers, we can be sucked into the pressures of spending a lot of time “fixing ourselves” on the exterior. Nothing wrong with having nice things or wanting to dress a certain way but when we neglect our interior maintenance, the trash piling up on the inside eventually spills out for everyone to see. It may be exposed in our words, our gut reactions to situations, or our inner thoughts that tear down our joy.

"But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them."

-Matthew 15:18

While it may not seem like these hidden parts of our hearts have a significant impact on our lives, take a look in your life at the flies you've attracted or still ARE attracting.

For example, do you ever feel like you attract the same type of significant other? You say you want a decent human being who is best friends with Jesus and can treat you with respect and unconditional love. But somehow you find yourself adding another tally mark under failed relationships. As much as you may want to blame them...the reality is the common denominator is YOU! So I, myself, had to really reflect and ask myself...what trash (big or small) am I carrying around on the inside?

We all know flies love trash! Before long a whole hoard will swarm a dumpster or trash can left out for pick up. When we don't address the trash in our lives we will always attract flies. The flies in your life don’t always have to be a person. Maybe it’s negative self-perceptions or a traumatic event that you never healed from.  

When we spend so much time trying to clean up and maintain our outside we allow the filth in our lives to accumulate!! Pain from the past and side effects from sin can be found littered throughout the areas in our hearts so we find it so hard to find a place to allow good to grow. So make today, your trash day Kings and Queens, so you can make room for what new things God has in store for you!

“Forget the former things,  do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

-Isaiah 43:18-19

What types of negative thoughts, emotions, or people have you attracted? Is there a pattern? 

In what areas of your life can you begin to welcome Christ in, to do some cardiac cleaning?

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