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SHE knows her name.

I know a girl named Jennifer. Some people call her Jenn or Jenny. But for blogsake, let’s say I decided to call her Felicia. The first time I called her that, she probably would not even turn her head. Not to be rude, it’s just not her name. If I called her Felicia a couple more times, with a lot more intention and inflection, she would most likely turn her head in my direction. Still not acknowledging that as her name but probably to see if I’ve officially lost my mind.

You probably would act the same if someone called you outside of your government name, whether it’s a name laced with profanity or just a mistaken identity.

Either way you’re given a name at birth, and programmed to answer automatically when you hear it. Even words that sound similar to your name can draw your attention and you’re made to look semi-paranoid as you search for anxiously for the culprit with no luck.

Unfortunately, you may have been given another name early in childhood or at some point in life. You may have been programmed to answer to: Ugly, Worthless, Unwanted, Fat, or Dumb. Now as an adult, you find yourself answering to those names subconsciously. You unknowingly seek out relationships with friends or significant others where they know you by that name only. Or worse, you call yourself that.

The disconnect lies in that you were either never told your real name or you forgot it.

When I realized that I was associating with people who didn’t know my name, I began to consult the Father who gave me my name before I, or even my parents, knew who I was.

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." -Jeremiah 1:5

In His word, God outlines beautifully all the different things He has called you prior to and through the reconciliation made at the Cross:

1. His Child

2. Complete

3. In His Image

4. Temple of His Holy Spirit

5. Justified

6. Beautiful

7. Not Alone

This whole time, Christ has been yelling my name, and I didn’t even know it.

When I began operating with my new ID, I better understood that in spite of the world’s attempts to re-name me, my name was not only sealed here on earth, but in Heaven.

So when someone calls me outside of my name, I no longer answer. #ByeFelicia

What false names have you accepted?

What other names has Christ given you?

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