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is SHE being pursued...or nah?

I'm guilty. I'm that Christian female that tells her fellow single friends that they need to be pursued. I've said it so many times, I realized I never took the time to evaluate what that even looks like. Yes, you have our Boaz & Ruth and Jacob & Rachel love legends. But I need something that can better apply to the 2017 dating epidemic. While the CDC is far from investigating into the details of this kind of outbreak, as Christians we can clearly see the spiritual battle we face.

No. "wyd" or even basic "good morning" texts are not creative or romantic.

No. I don't want to chill with you at 11:30PM on a Tuesday, I work, and I already have my bonnet on.

No. I'm not impressed that you go to church with your Mom or that you know a couple of scripture verses. Even the Devil can regurgitate scriptures boo.

No. I actually don't want to just go back and forth texting paragraphs when we could just talk on the phone or wait for in person. in public.

Before I took my walk with Christ seriously, my 'list' looked like this

1. Tall

2. Funny

3. Family-oriented

4. Quarterback build or Linebacker (depending on how he wears his weight)

5. Loyal

6. ...oh yea Christian.

Don't judge me. Almost every female has a list. Doesn't matter if it's in your head, scribbled in your journal, or neatly taped up in your film-inspired War Room closet. You have an idea of what your Mr. Right should be like.

Trust me. I followed this list for almost 10 years. Needless to say, while I found guys that met this list, they were far from the type of guy I'd like to meet at the end of the aisle and submit to for the rest of my life.

So when I began to consult the Word, however, I realized that I needed to tweak my list. This is what I found:

1. Christian

2. Leader

3. Ability to love me unconditionally

4. Ability to be monogamous

5. Intentional in the midst of distractions and possible exits

The last one really hit me in terms of Christ's pursuit, because of his love for you and me. The entire prelude of His crucifixion was outlined with second thoughts and valid excuses to quit or dip. But despite all the good reasons for Christ to give up on you,

"{But} God demonstrated his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

-Romans 5:8

Now that's what you call intentional. Christ had a mission when he came to this earth and that was to redeem and reconcile. His love for you blocked out all the things that could have easily caused him to say forget it! It's not worth it.

So in this world riddled with undefined relationships, shallow text conversations, and reality TV #relationshipgoals, stay focused. Keep in mind, there may be men that come across your path as temptations and distractions. Even some "Godly" men who may have the best intentions, but aren't intentional. The key is to set a biblical standard for yourself and the right man will rise to it-despite seconds thoughts and valid excuses.

How does your 'list' compare to his Word?

What needs to be reprioritzed?

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